Building a New Home is a Massive Investment of Both Time and Money …. so let me ask you

“Can YOU Afford not to invest $19 to save yourself Thousands?”

“Home Building Know How”

homebuilding know how

How to build a New Home Without Getting Divorced.

How to avoid the most Common and Costly Mistakes new Home Builders Make

The Stress Free Guide that Every New Home Builder MUST Have to build your new home with confidence

* AT LAST! Absolutely everything you will EVER need to know about Building a New Home (even if you’ve gone through it before)

* The New Home Builder’s Essential: All Your Questions Answered…. and more in this easy-to-follow-and-understand guide!

“We built our current home in just 7 weeks
& without a moment of stress”

How I hear you asking?

In short I had “Home Building Know How”

I tested it!  It Worked! Now I want to share it with You!


“Having renovated a number of times and built a home previously I thought we had a pretty good understanding of the building process. As it turns out there was still a lot to learn.

It has been an absolute pleasure building our new home and a lot less stressful than our first “new build” experience. Sharna kept us organised and guided us through the building process.

Having now read “Home Building Know How” I wish I had had access to this great resource, before we built our first home.

Sharna knows how to make the job as stress free as possible for the owner. So if you follow her lead, you will definitely get more joy from your building experience.”

Paul and Joanne Boland Roma Qld.

Here’s why this eBook is regarded as the

Internet’s #1 guide

for building a new home

  • Don’t Even Consider Building a New Home Until You Read The Builder’s Secrets shared in this guide…You’ll NEVER forgive yourself if something goes wrong…
  • Where to Start? – What to Do? – How to Prepare? – When’s the Right Time? – Who to Listen to? – What NOT to do? – All your questions AND MORE are covered in this all-in-one guide
  • “HELP!! We’ve started looking at land…….NOW WHAT?” What to look for when choosing your block of land to ensure it doesn’t add hidden costs. A complete checklist to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls
  • AT LAST! Absolutely Everything You Will EVER Need to Know About the Building Process! At your fingertips without wasting long tiresome hours searching the net through “outdated information”
  • CHEAT SHEET! – See our “Checklist to SAVE You THOUSANDS.” It’s simple when you know how. A “MUST” read for anyone considering building…
  • The ULTIMATE GUIDE for a Stress Free Building Experience….Even if it’s not your first time!
  • What NEVER to DO when getting building quotes…..
  • Get the scoop on the Deadly Mistakes New Home Owners Make…..And How to avoid them

The Ultimate Building
Guide for
Beginners and Experts

 Let me Share


TO: All couples thinking about starting the journey to build your dream home and want to avoid the unnecessary STRESS and FRUSTRATION


“I know what it’s like when you need answers but don’t know who to trust. That’s why I’ve created this ‘All-in-one’ Guide for you to breeze through the building process without sleepless nights, worry, constant stress or ending up in divorce!”
From: Sharna Mills – passionate home owner and designer, wife and business partner of builder Scott

Dear New Home Owner,

Have you ever dreamed about building the perfect home. One that would be the envy of your friends, family and neighbours.

Imagine showing people through your new home, and hearing them gasp and whisper “That’s fantastic, I want that!” while you and your partner share a loving look at each other, basking in the knowledge that your new home was built in record time, under budget and with no stress! Wouldn’t that indeed be a momentous occasion???

…. YOUR  Ultimate Dream Home

Unfortunately however,

In reality, for most, building a new home is a stressful experience ending in a home you’re not 100% happy with and a mortgage you can’t afford.
It remains simply a dream that you are too worried and stressed about to even start. The unknown, the questions you don’t have answers to, paralyse you from ever even starting… a dream that will never be fulfilled – an impossibility.

Are u relating to any of this????

Let’s be honest with each other, and talk about what’s really happening!

  • Are you worried and stressed about building your dream home…
  • Does the thought of getting it wrong and living with the hideous result forever seem overbearing
  • Or have you started looking for answers but feel overwhelmed with all the information on the net – and don’t know where to start?

…Then this will be the most important message you will ever read. Big Call? Maybe. Here’s why…

Hi my name is Sharna, and maybe you can relate to my story?

Let me explain…..

Once upon a time I was an unrealistic 22 year old with a dream to build my first home. The building of a new home was realistic – thinking it was going to be a dream-like experience was pure stupidity!!

Information overload and confusion set in. Builders bamboozling me with plans, confusing quotes and a thousand uninformed decisions to make.
As a young first home builder, I quickly learned a thing or two about stress. The only reason my relationship survived this experience was because I was actually single.


Years passed and then I had an epiphany (or a major memory lapse) …. Why not marry a builder!!?? …. And …. Wait for it ….Build a home!

building a new home

“Can a relationship survive the stress of building a new home”

You see, this time I was determined to do things differently. For it to be a stress free event. I was determined for our relationship to survive this event.

We then built our dream home together …. With our 17 month-old baby thrown in as our “tradies assistant”. This is when I really got down and dirty. I got so involved in the process and started putting together hints, tips and checklists to make building a better experience.

It still wasn’t ‘smooth-sailing’ but we were almost there. I started to think about all of the people I had seen have major arguments and even go through divorce during the building process.

I knew there had to be a simple and completely stress-free way to build a home. So I challenged my husband and myself.

We built our next home in less than 7 weeks without a minute of stress. It was well organized, planned and it was a delightful experience. I had a simple “join-the-dots” all-in-one-resource that walked me through every step from start to finish.

I have since seen many couples with that look that says …

“I don’t know where to start! This is all too hard! What if I make the wrong decision! Somebody HELP ME please!!!”

Anyway…. Let me save you from becoming one of those couples. Not only will you not end up in divorce court but I’ll save you many brain-draining hours in front of the computer trying to perfect a project plan.

I was lucky … or smart! I had insider knowledge … I’ve learnt that there are a few benefits to being married to a builder. I collated these insider secrets with my practical project management skills and my passion for home design …. And the end results is …

“This simple eBook that could keep you happy, stress free and save you thousands in costly mistakes…”


Get Your Copy Today for ONLY $19 AUD Normally $47


Another Happy Client…

What a little gem this book is for anyone looking to build. I only wish it was available when we were building our first home, I know it would have saved us heaps of sleepless nights, prevented foreseeable problems and saved our budget from blowing out big time!!

Building our first home was meant to be a dream come true and we lived through it (Just) but the tips provided by Sharna in this book will save you a whole lot of heartache and help you achieve your dream home. What struck me the most was that the book shows just how much Sharna values her clients, supporting them from the beginning with step by step guides and just how important having open communication is to everyone involved.

This is a must read if you’re building and we wish you every success in creating your dream home.


Jill and Geoff Prior

Here’s a quick preview of what valuable information you will have at your fingertips….

  • Crucial initial steps you need to take to ensure building your new home is stress free
  • How to choose a block of land that will save you even more money on your building costs
  • Essential steps to make your new home truly unique and the envy of your friends and family
  • WARNING! Don’t take one more step until you’ve got this important information from your bank
  • How to understand Concept Plans so both you and your builder are on the same page when it comes to “Your Vision for Your New Home”
  • Do you know the preliminary reports you must have before commencing construction and How these could affect the price of your build?
  • Simple steps you can take when designing your home that will save you thousands
  • A complete Selection Checklist to ensure every detail of your new home has been ticked off and nothing has been missed
  • How to choose the right builder and not be sucked in by a good sales pitch.
  • Minimize delays and your stress levels by understanding the construction process
  • What never to do when comparing quotes
  • WARNING! Don’t SIGN the contract until you have read “Home Building Know How”

Get Your Copy Today for $19 normally $47

Here is what others have to say about HBKH …

“The thought of building a new home has always been daunting to me. Having a copy of ‘Home Building Know How’ has given me the confidence and the knowledge to be able move ahead with building my dream home. I was always settling for houses that weren’t quite right. Thanks to Sharna’s informative book, I can now build a new home that truly reflects our family, without worrying about hidden costs or the stress taking over.”

Trudi Bartlett

FEAR is only an illusion …

Look I was fearful of what could happen when building my first home. I was fearful of not knowing what to do and having to deal with a life long wrong decision. Here’s a list of fears I had which led me to putting together this information:

  • What should I be asking my bank?
  • How do you compare quotes and choose the right builder?
  • Should I be designing my own home or going off a plan?
  • What if the land I choose doesn’t suit the plans I like?
  • What are the parts I have to do and what will my builder do?
  • What if my family and friends think my house is ugly?

So if you’re like me and you really want to make an impression with your new home without all of the stress then you need to keep reading and realise anything is possible with prior planning and preparation.

“You’ve just stumbled on the simplest and quickest method to a stress free new home.”


Throughout this book there are check lists and tips to keep you sane plus much more…

Here’s my biased opinion…

Building a new home should not be a headache. It should be one of the most wonderful experiences. You are creating the home where you will make life long memories and your first memory of that home should be amazing.


“A New Home – The Best Feeling
in The World…”


Words can’t explain the intense feeling of pride that filled my heart each time I saw my finished new home. Call me crazy, but I swear I love seeing that look on people’s faces when they are about to move into their new home…
Anyway…I know you’re going to absolutely LOVE this book!

“This book has EVERYTHING that I wished I had when I started to build my first home! And a whole lot more….”


So what do I mean when I say “a whole lot more’? Let me explain…

I couldn’t help myself, but I wanted you to have every single little thing at your fingertips so that you didn’t have the stress of searching for anything online!

So I’ve put together these extra special bonuses for you…..

FREE Extra Special Gift Bonuses


“How to Save Thousands on Energy Costs by Designing a Greensmart Home”

Would you rather spend you hard earned money on YOU or on your electricity bill?

  • No more freezing in winter and sweltering in summer
  • Find out how Building the Greensmart way means you are doing your bit to help the environment and future generations
  • Why Greensmart Builders SAVE you money year after year

I am so passionate about helping New Home Builders get this right, and that is why it’s Yours FREE


“Our Comprehensive Selection Checklists”

Relax!! Be confident knowing you have made all of your selections without being under pressure

  • WOW your family and friends with attention to detail throughout your New Home
  • Make one wrong decision and you will have to look at it forever
  • Don’t loose Sleep sweating over the unknown, be confident knowing you haven’t missed anything
  • No more stressing about making a wrong decision

This Checklist Normally Sells for $30.00? But it’s Yours FREE


“The Questions YOU MUST ASK Your Builder BEFORE You Sign On The Dotted Line”

“Don’t get stitched up – use our 65 point questionnaire to ensure all the essentials are included”

  • Avoid hidden costs – Know what you are getting
  • Ensure you and your builder are on the same page
  • Use this questionnaire to “Compare Apples for Apples” when you choosing a builder
  • If your builder can answer every one of these 65 Questions, YOU HAVE HIT THE JACKPOT

This Questionnaire Normally Sells for $30.00 But it’s Yours FREE

Get Your Copy Today for $19 normally $47

Let me do the math for you… that’s a total of $60 worth of FREE bonus gifts for you plus the additional $28 discount – Not to mention my first free gift will SAVE  you Thousands in Energy Costs.

So with all that said, what’s all this really worth?
Well, let’s work it out! What would you pay for all the time I’ve just saved you having to scroll through the internet? Add to that the inside knowledge from a builder?

“Just missing one thing off the Builders Quote could cost you thousands in extra hidden costs.”

Pretty good deal, right? – In truth, I had a lot of fun putting these special bonuses together for you! I know you’re going to love them just as much as I do…


“Okay Sharna, It sounds like you’ve gone to a lot of trouble… How much is this really going to cost?”

Well that’s the best part – the price – to be honest with you, if I added up all of the countless hours and hard work that I’ve poured into this book, then I’d have to charge you thousands of dollars in labour time!

I could easily sell this book for $97 – and it would still be great value AND worth a whole lot more! But don’t worry; I’m not that greedy… I’ve come up with a price that’s fair for both of us.

Considering the inside building knowledge would be hundreds of dollars (or more if you went to a designer and asked these questions) – I wanted to keep it reasonable for you. So for the equivalent price of a 15 minute consult with a designer… you can have my special book AND all the free bonuses (valued at over $60) for only $19.00 rrp and that’s it!

I don’t know about you…but I spend way more than $19 to remove just one sleepless night worrying about building a new home….So I’m sure you’d agree…$19 is a tiny investment to ensure you keep your relationship and sanity right? Thought so…

Take Advantage of our special and buy your copy today for only $19

I’m not sure how long I will keep it at this special price, but since you’re here now, you can grab the whole lot for $19.00! But you’ll have to really jump on it quick because like I said, I will be bumping the price back up to the original $47 soon.

I just really want to eliminate any excuse at all for not buying this book. So for a measly $19 I’m sure no one can ever complain about it being expensive! That’s cheap in anyone’s language!

BUT BEWARE. Let me be straight with you. This offer won’t be up for too long. You’ll need to grab this before I change my mind.

I’m going to be blunt here but I wouldn’t forgive myself if something went wrong just because I was too tight to spend $19 bucks on some information. I mean, I spend more than that on a take away meal for the family – Surely it’s worth more that $19 to ensure a stress free building experience. Without this product, building your new home could end your relationship or have you wanted for murdering your builder!!

Was that a bit harsh? Sorry, as you can tell, I’m pretty passionate about this topic.

Don’t just take my word for it ….

Having built our first home and now looking for acreage and planning our next one, there are plenty of things we’d like to do differently.
Evidently living in your first home, you fall in love with it – but circumstances change and so do your needs. So working out what we want and need in our next place is proving a lengthy and confusing process. Until we read this book.
The practical and quality information in this book provided us with not only the tools to check all the right boxes, but also how to know what boxes we want checked.
Thank you Sharna for a comprehensive insight into the building process, I am confident knowing I will be able to make informed decisions and make sure I am getting value for money when building our next dream home. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has built 1 or 100 houses.
Thanks again,
Candace Black

One more thing…

Just in case you’re not 100% sure if you are making the right decision, I’d like to take 100% of the risk away from you and put it ALL on my shoulders.

How am I doing that? Simple. Here’s my Zero Risk Guarantee. Check it out…

My friends told me I’m crazy for doing this….


“What are you doing Sharna? People on the internet are just going to rip you off – buy your book – get all of your great information – then ask for their money back and laugh all the way” – Warned my friends…

But you know what? I’m choosing to believe that the majority of people out there are good hearted and wouldn’t want to do that! Call me naïve, but as I’m sure that the “good people” in the world will appreciate this eBook and not be deceitful like that.

So let’s re cap what you’re going to get

What You Get Value Your Investment
“Home Building Know How”
How to build your New Home without getting Divorced
Avoid the Most Common Costly Mistakes New Home Builders Make
$97 $19.00
FREE Bonus #1 “How to Save Thousands on Energy Costs by Designing a Greensmart Home” $Priceless Nil
FREE Bonus #2 “Our Comprehensive Selection Checklists” $30 Nil
FREE Bonus #3 “The Questions you MUST ask your builder before you sign on the dotted line” $30 Nil




Take Advantage of our Special Today & SAVE $138.00

Get Your Copy Today for $19 AUD

So there you have it…You’ve really got nothing to lose right? Click on the “BUY NOW” button above, & you’ll be taken to the download page where you’ll get immediate access to the eBook and the bonuses.

I urge you to act in a hurry. I mean, why wait and risk missing out on this special price???

If you’re like me… I wanted to be sure that I was building a home that would knock the socks of my friends and family. I wanted a home that I would be proud off. I wanted to know that I had made all the right decisions and I now had a home to make memories. A home that other people would envy and pay top dollar for. With the information included in this book you can be assured that you are equipped with the knowledge and the checklists.

Anyway…. either way, you’ll appreciate the trouble I’ve gone to, to put all this information together for you. So if you want an “all in one’ easy guide to building your new home, then all you need to do is simply click the order button. What are you waiting for?

I’m sure you value your sanity and your relationship just as much as I do. It has certainly been worth the time, effort and energy to put this book and checklists together to ensure the experience of building a new home is wondrous.

And I really wish and hope you have the same memorable experience too..

All the best…


Sharna Mills

P.S. So if you are serious about Building your New Home… And you want the “all-in-one” guide and checklists at your fingertips… Then you’re search is over… you are just moments away from having it ALL (and more) at your fingertips for only $19.00!

P.P.S Don’t forget… the next time you come to this site, the price might be back up to the original $19.00 (which is still dirt cheap in comparison anyway) AND remember… You get over $60 worth of FREE BONUS GIFTS as well

P.P.P.S Let me remind you that you’re totally covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee! So there’s no risk on your part at all. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy!

Get Your Copy Today for $19 AUD Only!

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