My Name is Sharna Mills, I am a wife, mother, business owner and now author.

I had watched many of our friends and family build new homes prior to me owning a building company and when I asked them why they were so stressed one answer was common throughout them all … “I just don’t understand the process and I am scared of making the “wrong” decision”.  Sound familiar?

Having built my first home at 22 and experiencing the stress of it all, then building again with my husband (and a toddler) twice, I was very conscious of ensuring the building process was as stress free for our clients as possible when my husband Scott and I started our Building Company BJT Building in 2010.

I noticed early on that because Scott had been building homes for the past 27 odd years he had developed his own “building jargon” (which I am finally up to speed on now).  He has commented that the “silly questions” I have asked him over the past 11 years have helped him to relate to his clients better as he could then see how he needed to explain the process.

Having now written this ebook, I am hopeful it will be a helpful resource to ensure you can feel confident understanding the process and therefore being able to make all of your decisions (and there are many to make) in a calm and timely manner.

Building a New Home is a real buzz for me,  I love visualising of our new home and designing it from the ground up (and yes I do drive my husband nuts with all the gorgeous ideas I want rolled into one), the selection process I absolutely love, I mean what girl doesn’t love shopping!  It is funny though I would much rather shop for tiles, and timber flooring than for clothes but that is a whole other story.  The end result seeing your dream become a reality is such a thrill for me and I hope armed with all the information in this ebook, you too will be inspired and LOVE the journey that is Home Building.

I wish you all the best building your new home and I would love to hear how you have found the whole experience at my facebook page www.facebook.com/homebuildingknowhow





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